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Who are we?

Our crew is made up of a bunch of experienced travelers who learned a lot about Canada ready to spread the word about their knowledge of this beautiful country. The purpose of this blog is to put together an extensive overview any traveler could use when visiting Canada, which contains travel guides and tips, visa info, governmental security notices, what to see as well as must-do’s all over Canada.

Furthermore, Canada Wanderer works as a considerable site for planning a trip too. We would like to help you booking your Canadaian holiday by providing last minute vacation packages, cheap hotel rates and discounted airfares to the most visited locations of Canada. Aside from our love for Canada, we also have nearly a decade long familiarity in the US travel business belonging to the Wanderer Guides Network of travel sites.

What can you find here?

Along the classic and conventional subjects of Canada we attempt to include those undisclosed subjects too, like which are the most visited museums of the country, Easter traditions, isolated communities, fishing villages and the largest lakes of Canada.

Read our travel posts to learn about sights and nightlife, where are what are the best nature and outdoor activities
and read about family and fun compared to romantic travel in Canada.

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Any ideas, suggestions and feedback are very welcome. Let us know how could we improve this blog by sending an email to editor(AT)wandererguides(DOT)com. Feel free to contact us with partnership requests, contests, guest posts and advertising inquiries or any non-standard form of collaboration.

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