Best boat trips in Edmonton

Edmonton Queen Riverboat , ©sfllaw/Flickr

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, gives wonderful opportunities for all kind of visitors who would like to relax. If you are there and you would like to take a boat cruise, do not worry, you’re in luck. You can try the river boat through the heart of the city. Just stand at the bow of the boat and see the clean green water. Feel the sunshine on your face and enjoy the coddling of fresh breeze. Look at the mountains and you will admire the amazing forces of nature. If you listen to the guide, he will present you the wonderful mysteries of the lake and the all about the stunning mountains. The lush valley against the urban view creates an interesting, but beautiful cityscape.

Boat Launches

Edmonton city operates a trailered boat launch at Laurier Park and at Capilano Park, too. These boat launches are open from May to November. There are five other hand/carry boat launches which depart from the Whitemud Park, Terwillegar Park, Fort Edmonton Park, Emily Murphy Park and Dawson Park.

Motorboating in Edmonton, ©mastermaq/Flickr

On Stormwater Lakes

Boating is possible on stormwater lakes just from the Victoria Day to the end of Thanksgiving day. The water’s quality is subject to environmental conditions. The water is usually clean but the City Paddlingdoes not guarantee the consistency of it. After heavy rains the water’s quality is worst.

On the River

Edmonton gives you a great chance to try riverboat trips. One of the most well-known boats of them is the Edmonton Queen Riverboat which is a unique attraction in the city center. It offers an unforgettable experience in a relaxing atmosphere. It is a perfect option for all your events, as a romantic dinner, a class-field trip, a family experience or even a wedding.

Edmonton Queen Riverboat , ©sfllaw/Flickr

Edmonton, like any other cities in Alberta, is a quite strict city in boating regulations and boating licenses. But getting a boating license is really easy: just you need to register for the exam and then take the exam. If you pass, you receive a temporary license and they mail the renewable license to your home. There are riverboats sailboats, jet skis and paddleboats, which do not require licenses.

On Ponds

The Edmonton Paddling Society operates a canoe centre on the ponds in Rundle Park where you can paddle. It is also possible to use your non-powered craft on the main pond in Hermitage Park. Many other ponds inEdmontonare stormwater lakes and those are not for canoeing, boating or kayaking.

Canoeing in Edmonton, ©mastermaq/Flickr




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