Best family friendly dining places in Toronto

Chipotle Mexican Grill , ©Aranami/Flickr

Chipotle Mexican Grill , ©Aranami/Flickr

Are you visiting Toronto with your whole family? Are you looking for a nice place to dine in and have some fun? There are plenty of dining places around town where you and your family can enjoy a lovely meal and also have fun. Try a deli, café or pizza place.

There are lots of options for every meal, let it be breakfast, morning coffee, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and any other you may prefer. Please read further and choose from the list of family friendly dining place below the perfect one that suits your and your family’s needs. Bonne appetite!

Morning start

Start your day at Lil’ Bean n’ Green, where you and your family can power up before setting out to see town. At this charming café there is a playground for children and often times there are sing-alongs and other events organized. Invite some friends out for a play date and try a lovely salad or sandwich.

Fast food

Wayne Gretzky's restaurant, ©fw_gadget/Flickr

Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant, ©fw_gadget/Flickr

If you crave a burger or other type of fast food we can assure you that there is no lack in fast food diners in Toronto! Try Wayne Gretzky’s, hockey themed restaurant where you can order your favorite burger or pizza. Lick’s is also a fast-food chain which can be found in multiple locations. Have a massive burger and let the children have their balloons. At Mars Restaurant will definitely will the favorite spot of your little ones. This place is a retro diner where you can order hamburgers, shakes and mix them with fries!

Asian and Mexican cuisine

Chipotle Mexican Grill , ©Aranami/Flickr

Chipotle Mexican Grill , ©Aranami/Flickr

Are you a fan of foreign cooking? We recommend you Ghengis Khan Mongoloan Grill where you can visit the buffet and choose from a wide variety of sauces, vegetables and meat. The Mandarin Buffet can also be a good choice if you like Chinese food. Tank up your plate with noodles, salads, grilled meat, sushi and other delicacies. In case you prefer Mexican over Asian visit Chipotle Mexican Grill and have some burritos with some fine guacamole or salsa sauce.

Fun for the kids, gentle to the budget

Jack Astor's, ©Mihnea Stanciu/Flickr

Jack Astor’s, ©Mihnea Stanciu/Flickr

Find the best deal at Jack Astor’s where you and your family can fill your stomach and have fun at the same time. Each table has a jar of crayons which you can use to draw on the paper towels. Try the fish and chips, the burgers or the pasta. For more excitement visit Medieval Times where during dinner time you can watch some knights jousting. At Dr. Generosity is a warm and cozy dining place with reasonable prices and large portions. Take your starving family to Dr. Generosity and fill up the tanks!

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