Best Ice Cream in Toronto – ice cream, milkshake and froyo: a cavalcade of flavors

Froyo, ©moonlightbulb-Flickr

Froyo, ©moonlightbulb/Flickr

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cold and delicious ice cream, milkshake or frozen yogurt. In Toronto city you will find several spots where you can consume your favorite flavored ice cream, milkshake or froyo. Are you visiting with your family? Children love ice cream and during the summer season they might demand a couple portions on a daily basis.

Surely everyone has desire for a cold desert from now and then especially when the sun mercilessly radiates its warmth. When you feel the need for such delicacies we recommend you the following most popular ice cream places in town. Indulge your taste buds in the creamy and delicious flavors!

Ice cream crusade at Ed’s Real Scoop

The top favorite ice cream place for Torontonians is Ed’s Real Scoop which can be found in two locations: the original at The Beaches and another one in Leslieville. They are famous for using real and fresh ingredients thus they have earned a reputations as being the favorite place in Toronto to have an ice cream. Try the waffle cones, pumpkin pie and burnt marshmallow!

Ed’s Real Scoop, ©go ask alice . . .-Flickr

Ed’s Real Scoop, ©go ask alice . . ./Flickr


25 years of Dutch Dreams

It is not hard to spot Dutch Dreams at Dupont and Bathurst as the lineup for ice cream wheels from out the door as far as the parking lot. The ice cream store has 32 flavors and all servings are decorated with fruit and topped with whipped cream. The founder of Dutch Dreams is a Dutch family called Aben. The original founder, namely Theodoor Aben, had a dream when he was a child that one day he will own an ice cream store. The dream came true and it is called Dutch Dreams! We recommend you to try the exotic flavor of grapenut or stick with the classic chocolate. Either way a silky and smooth taste is guaranteed.

Dutch Dreams, ©Easternblot/Flickr

Dutch Dreams, ©Easternblot/Flickr

Frozen treats at Greg’s Ice Cream

Over the years several ice cream and froyo shops have come and gone but one has remained: Greg’s Ice Cream, which even today is the king of ice creams on Bloor Street. The shop was founded and opened about 30 years ago by Greg Mahon who was the first person ever who started to use local and natural ingredients in ice cream which made him famous and a popular.

Greg’s Ice Cream, ©elPadawan/Flickr

Greg’s Ice Cream, ©elPadawan/Flickr

Celebrities’ favorite – Summer’s ice cream

Summer’s ice cream is located in Yorkville and operates for more than 28 years. The store offers a great variety of froyo and ice cream flavors. If you are planning to taste them be prepared for a long lineup. During TIFF you might even have the chance to bump into a celebrity or two as they love Summer’s ice cream!

Froyo, ©moonlightbulb/Flickr

Froyo, ©moonlightbulb/Flickr

The veteran – Tom’s Dairy Freeze

The oldest ice cream shop in Toronto is Tom’s Dairy Freeze which makes it the expert among all the ice cream producers. The shop was founded in 1696 and keeps flourishing even today. You can find anything your appetite desires: milkshakes, ice cream, froyo, sundaes and not only cold treats. Have lunch at Tom’s, buy a delicious burger or hot dog then top it with a refreshing cold desert.

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