Best Rooftop Patios in Toronto city – bars, pubs and restaurants with a view

Pauper’s Pub, ©West Annex News/Flickr

Pauper’s Pub, ©West Annex News/Flickr

On a lovely holiday it is indispensable to enjoy a few drinks at a pub, restaurant or bar with a spectacular view. As time passed the ancients have already discovered that drinking cold drinks in the sun is quite pleasant however you can top it with drinking a cold beverage in the hot sun somewhere with a view.

Toronto city has several such places where one can sit in, order some fine drinks and gaze at the stunning landscapes of the surrounding area. Here are the best rooftop spots, patios, pubs and bars of Toronto which are overlooking a wonderful view of the city.

Madison Ave. Pub

Madison Ave. Pub is a place where all the youngsters hang out. The food might not be the most delicious in the city but you must only step inside and set foot on its patio and you will forget about everything else. Madison Ave. Pub has a wonderful, spacious and sun-soaked terrace which overlooks the primeval heart of the Annex. If you want to gather together with friends and enjoy a relaxing time chatting around. Madison Ave. is the place you need to be.

In the Madison, ©Cleavers/Flickr

In the Madison, ©Cleavers/Flickr

Works Gourmet Burger Bistro

Visit the patio of Works Gourmet Burger Bistro for a fine and limited selection of wines and beers. You will find it facing the Flatiron building at St. Lawrence Market. Ask for your favorite drink and pair it up with an amazing burger.

Pauper’s Pub

Meet Pauper’s Pub, the sister of Madison Ave which also has a lovely view of the Annex. If you are looking for a reliable pub we recommend you one of the most excellent rooftop patios of Toronto. Blend into the dynamic crowd of University of Toronto students and have a swell time.

Pauper’s Pub, ©West Annex News/Flickr

Pauper’s Pub, ©West Annex News/Flickr

Gusto 101

In case you were wondering where you can find the cheapest wine in Toronto the answer is Gusto 101. This fine pub offers house-made wine and a whole set of impressive wine lists. The patio is located on a rooftop enclosed by glass. Don’t forget to book a reservation!

Oasis at Wayne Gretzky’s

Oasis at Wayne Gretzky’s is spacious lounge on a rooftop which leaves plenty of room for everyone to spend the afternoon there with friends catching up. The place has a wonderful view of the downtown area of Toronto.

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law has a quite popular patio on street-level and one on the rooftop as well. Sit in and savor a spectacular view overlooking the amazing Lake Ontario.

skyline view from patio rooftop of Murphy's Law Pub, ©go ask alice.../Flickr

skyline view from patio rooftop of Murphy’s Law Pub, ©go ask alice…/Flickr

Roof Bar at the Thompson Hotel

In order to get into this splendid bar you must be a resident of the Thompson Hotel or be a guest of one of the residents. The rooftop patio of Thompson Hotel is a much beloved place.

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