Cheap Flights from New York City to Vancouver

Cheap flights from New York City to Vancouver

The medium price of a flight from New York City to Vancouver is $976. Good to know that you may expect to get approximately 56.97 thousands extra miles for a flight like this. But the same airfare is circa $1,021 trough low travel season whereas it rises to $868 through peak season. You might want to know that the lowest price found for the same route was $463, it was a Air Canada flight found by travelers on SmartFares. But the lowest rate found in the past year is also good, just $463 r/t for a Air Canada flight found for November 2012 on SmartFares.

The ideal time to fly from New York City to Vancouver

The most popular period is around June to September in Vancouver thus airline tickets can get much more pricey then with tickets reaching as high as $868. Provided that you happen to be searching for better ticket rates, we recommend you depart during October to December, through off season, because than rates are generally more affordable. We believe that generally the right time to travel to the city from New York City is between the two, in January to May.

Good to know info regarding flights from New York City to Vancouver

  • Air Canada operates the briefest flight to Vancouver; it is a 36 miles long flight departing from Nanaimo.
  • The busiest airport of the city, Vancouver Intl, is located approximately 0.63 miles away from downtown Vancouver.
  • The area of Vancouver has got 2 airports, these are Vancouver Intl, Vancouver Harbour Sp.
  • The minimum flight distance between the two cities is 2,428 miles long, it is a 1 hour and 6 minutes flight.
  • The longest possible distance between New York City and Vancouver is precisely 5,372 miles.