Cheap flights to Canada

Cheapest flights to Canada

The best price found by our visitors for an airfare to Canada is $161, it was a flight departing from Los Angeles. More recently, in the previous 12 months $175 was the price of the cheapest flight to Canada found on our site; it was operated by American Airlines, departing from LaGuardia in March, 2013. When we count average fares June is the least expensive period to fly to the country.

Airline companies flying to Canada

In total 68 companies operate flights to Canada, 30 of them also inside the country. Air Canada connects Canada with not less than 39 countries and at the same time Air Canada links it with 200 United States cities. 68 of those serving the country also operate international flights and 87 companies operate flights to the USA cities.

Airport information about the country

From the 213 airports in Canada 20 are international airports and the others only serve on domestic routes. The busiest airport in the country is Toronto Pearson Intl. Airport in Toronto having 122 connections served by 44 airlines. You could get a flight to the country from 58 different airports in 53 various US locations. Hunt cheap flights to Canada from the closest possible airport to your home in our search box.

Fun facts about airfares to Canada

  • The average price of a flight coming from the USA to Canada is some $985 round-trip.
  • YYZ airport, the busiest airport in Canada hosts flights operated by 44 different airlines.
  • Air Canada, WestJet, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Air Transat have the most routes from the country.
  • The shortest international flight to Canada comes from Seattle and arrives to Victoria in just one hour after taking 76 miles.
  • Peak season in the country is from mid-June to mid-September every year, so it is more expensive and more crowded at that time but also more fun.

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