Edmonton guide to culture buffs

Edmonton Art Gallery, Winspear Centre, ©Stella Blu/Flickr

Edmonton has been named the Cultural Capital of Canada by the Cultural Capitals of Canada Program. In Edmonton culture, arts and heritage play a very important and ever expanding role in sustaining and supporting the community. Edmonton is a centre of art and culture, and also an oasis for innovation, exploration and creativity.

The Cultural Capital designation helps the city to invest more in arts and culture. This is a perfect place to expand your horizons and to deepen your knowledge in cultural sense. If you are one of the culture buffs, do not miss this magnificent visit.

Royal Alberta Museum

Royal Alberta Museum is one of the most popular museums in Alberta. The Museum can be found in a beautiful park offers many kind of activities for everyone who is loving culture.

Rutherford House

Rutherford House is still waiting for the political and social elite of Alberta. Today, this gorgeous Edwardian mansion is famous for hospitality and it brings back the spirit of the 1915`s Edmonton.

Rutherford House, ©Stella Blu/Flickr


Father Lacombe Chapel

Father Lacombe Chapel is a simple chapel and its value lies in the fact that this is Alberta’s oldest building. You can drop in to the chapel and there you will let the Historical Interpreters to take you back into the past. In this intimate Chapel you will see Father Lacombe’s and Bishop Grandin’s crypt. Afterwards take a stroll in the cemetery, the silent resting place of someSt. Albert’s first residents.

Winspear Centre

Winspear Centre is located in the center of Edmonton’s Arts District and gives to Sir Winston Churchill Square a beautiful sight with the City Hall, Citadel Theatre,EdmontonArtGallery and Stanley A. Milner Library. The dramatic exterior, building’s entrance, glass tower are an amazing contribution to this vibrant downtown square.

Edmonton Art Gallery, Winspear Centre, ©Stella Blu/Flickr

Edmonton Opera

Edmonton Opera educates and challenges audiences and production personnel and discovers the greatest works and brings to the stage many of the most popular stars.

The Alberta Railway Museum

The Alberta Railway Museum represents cars and locomotives from the Northern Alberta Railways and Canadian National Railways. This Museum welcomes everyone who is interested in rail vehicles.

Alberta Aviation Museum

Alberta Aviation Museum holds a lot of interesting aircrafts for visitors: more than 27 Aircrafts on Display, Aircraft Restoration Area, Over 40 Display Cabinets, Special Events and many other activities for children and adults as well.

An aircraft at Alberta Aviation Museum, ©sahlgoode/Flickr

Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum

Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum holds an amazing collection to the history of the Regiment but it is also very important to Alberta history and Canadian military. This collection presents the years from the late-nineteenth century to the present. It includes a huge collection of mapsimagesdocuments and other objects.

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