Free Family Fun in Toronto

Allan Gardens' Palm House, ©Diego3336/Flickr

Allan Gardens’ Palm House, ©Diego3336/Flickr

One of the advantages of Toronto city is that you don’t need to spend money everywhere you go. Choose from any of the several possibilities for a fun family outing. There are tons of parks with lots of green where the children can freely run around and consume all the extra energy they have. Explore and wander through the city and soak up some Canadian history in the meantime. Visit and admire the wonderful Victorian architecture. Children usually love farms and the zoo and Toronto has both. Visit Francey Barn with your little ones or the Toronto Zoo and watch have fun together with your family as you watch and pet some of the interesting animals.

Riverdale Farm

Riverdale farm is located in Cabbagetown, a beautiful area rich in history and beautiful Victorian architecture. The farm is open daily all year, even on Christmas day and entrance is free of charge. Your family will simply love the barn full of funny animals such as turkeys, pigs and chickens. Stop by at Francey Barn and visit your friends the cows, goats and sheep. If you are lucky enough and the weather is fine, you will find the animals outside.

Cabbage Town - Riverdale Farm, ©Nathal/Flickr

Cabbage Town – Riverdale Farm, ©Nathal/Flickr

After saying hi to all the animals you should head out towards the woods and explore the area around Don Valley Ravine. Find the turtles in the pond and enter the old buildings which previously served as a house for bears and monkeys. After the long walk and wandering around have one of those freshly baked super-delicious cookie for 25¢ at the farmhouse.

Bluffer’s Park

Bluffer’s Park is situated on the eastern side of the city and offers a large open space. The parkland and the Scarborough Bluffs are just amazing. The bluffs are considered as a unique geographical wonder in North America.

Bluffer’s Park, ©John Vetterli/Flickr

Bluffer’s Park, ©John Vetterli/Flickr

Visit the beach with your family, collect beach glass and explore the paths. The park has excellent picnic areas where you can relax and spend a lovely day out with family and friends.

Allan Gardens

The previously mentioned options are perfect for a sunny day however if the weather turns bad there are other options as well which enables you to have fun indoors. No matter what the season is Allan Gardens is a wonderful place that is waiting to be discovered by big and small. Allan Gardens is located in the middle of central Toronto.

Allan Gardens' Palm House, ©Diego3336/Flickr

Allan Gardens’ Palm House, ©Diego3336/Flickr

The facility has six different greenhouses full of beautiful and diverse plants from all over the world. You can visit on any day of the year and enjoy the different seasonal arrangements which always offer something new.

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