Getting around in Canada

Niagara Falls

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Being the largest country in North America, getting around in Canada involves huge distances; hence there are a number of transportation options available in the country. Depending on which part of the country you planning to explore, you can choose to drive your own car or rent one and also you can buy a ticket for long distance bus, train or domestic flights. For traveling around the Great Lakes or the coasts, ferries would be the best choice.  In the fallowing you will find a short quid about getting around in Canada, hope you will find it helpful for your desired holiday in th country.

 By air

Air Canada A-320


Some says that the best way to get around in the country is by air. There are a number of airlines operating between the major Canadian cities. The most representative airlines which are expending to serve all of Canada are: Air Canada and WestJet. Air Canada provides international services as well. The busiest airports of Canada are: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. West Jet operates in 33 Canadian Cities and internationally to the Mexico, US and Caribbean. Both of them are profitable airlines by offering competitive fares and comfortable travel. Some other local airlines are: Canadian North, Air Transat, Porter Airlines, Air North and First Air.

By rail

Dinning cart in the Canadian train

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Nowadays due to the improved rail services, competitive prices and comfortable carriages, trains start to regain their popularity, although services are less frequent than it used to be. Canadian is one of the many trains; it runs between Toronto, Edmonton, Jasper and Vancouver three times a week. It operates with two classes: the Economy with reading lights, reclining seats etc and Skyline Car which is a more luxurious one with sleeping rooms with bar services and hot shower. The problem is that in western Canada trains only operates just 3 days a week. So it needs some flexibility if you choose rail services for getting around in Canada. Note if you book in advance you can receive discounts. There are lots of discount packages for travelers. You can buy Conrailpass which allows unlimited travel within a period. Rocky Mountaineer operates among the mountain ranges of British Columbia, Vancouver and Banff.

By Bus

Greyhound  Bus  in Canada


Greyhound Canada operates the largest bus network in Canada. Traveling on Greyhound is very simple and operates through Canada offering superior services with clean and new buses. Depending on which part are you traveling to, it might occur that Greyhound is the only land transport of the area, due to the minimal coverage of VIA Rail. Reservation in advance is not necessary. There are also buss passes for shorter and longer periods as well, you can choose from the variety of them. A variety of intercity coaches operates between the major cities: Acadian, Orleans Express. Note that routes in the prairies can be extremely long, taking several days, so better think it twice before you choose the bus.

By car

Weather you are traveling with your own car or rent one in Canada there are a few things that you better know regarding to the driving in Canada. Most of the driver license from different countries is valid in Canada for up to 3 months.  Wearing seat belts as in many other countries are a must and the speed limit on the highways is110 kph. Drivers must hold the vehicles registration papers, insurances and the driving license. There are lots of car rental services in Canada as well. The roads are generally in a fairly good condition. Gasoline prices also very from region to region.

You can also choose from a number of other opportunities for getting around in Canada. For instance there are loads of ferry services which provide transportation between Canada and its islands and also operate across Canada’s vest rivers and lakes. However if you are a person who likes to take challenges you can try hitchhiking as well. You might have success because hitchhiking is very common in Canada. There is also another popular method for getting around in  the country. Due to the increasing websites dedicated to ride sharing most of the travelers chose this method of transport. Ride sharing is getting more and more popular because it is a great way of group traveling and it also suits to budget traveler’s interests.

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