Most Unique Restaurants in Canada

Pho Dau Bo in Hamilton, Ontario


Weather this would be your first time in Canada or you are a local who are looking for a unique bar or restaurant to have lunch or dinner, take a look at our most unique restaurants in Canada and if once you have a chance to visit them, you definitely won’t forget it. All of the 5 restaurants mentioned below, belong to the unique category, having some features by which they are outstanding from the averages of the restaurants. All of them are worth a visit!

O. NOIR,Montreal

 O. Noir restaurant


O. NOIR is a unique restaurant not just in Canada, but in the whole world, because it invites their visitors to a culinary experience while they are dining in the dark. The manager of the restaurant emphasizes that this is a unique way of experiencing the food and drinks; it is a sensual dining experience where you relies on your senses to savor the taste and the small of the food. Also there is a much more important message behind the scenes, not just to stimulate the senses but to gain a better understanding of what is like to be if someone is blind, just like the entire staff of the restaurant.

The Haunted House, Montreal

The Haunted House, Montreal (front)

©A.M. Kuchling/flickr

Located half an hour from the West island of the city, The Haunted House in a creepy Victorian style building offering you entertainment by watching Gothic shows while you are enjoy your dinner. The food is served by peculiar waiters and waitresses in an unusual manner. The house is so popular among those who are looking for scary venues to visit. One thing is sure; The Haunted House will scare you out of your wits.

Grizzly House, Banff Alberta

Grizzly House Banff Alberta


Being the landmark destination for visitors of the Banff National Park, Grizzly House has a unique restaurant atmosphere with exotic and eclectic dishes. The restaurant has a peculiar rustic décor, with wood paneled walls, wood carved bear, bearskin rugs and totem poles.  The whole restaurant is unique in its style, hope we managed to arose your interest to have a memorable dining experience in a real unique and rustic environment.

Salt Tasting Room, Gastown B.C

Salt Tasting Room in Gastowan


As the name suggest Salt is a tasting room offering artisan cheese, batch cured meats and numerous beverages of wines, sherries and beers. The restaurants menu is very simple, guest assemble a cold plate for themselves, by choosing 3 pieces of meats, 3 items from the cheese selections and 3 condiments which goes with them. There is a constant change in the selections, making it difficult and almost impossible to have the same experience twice.

Spirit Lounge Restaurant, Montreal

Spirit Lounge, Montreal

©René Bellefeuille/flickr

One of Montreal’s most visited vegetarian restaurants. All dishes in the restaurant are made from bio products, which are grown without the use of chemical products and pesticides. The décor of the building is a bit weird; the inside of the restaurant is wrapped up like a present in paper and in tinsel; there were also some nude portraits. Its outlook of the restaurant is a bit eclectic as well.  There are very strict rules in the restaurant; you will not get dessert until you won’t eat every bit on your plate.

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