Must See Attractions in Victoria

Parliament Building in Victoria British Columbia


Victoria is known as the capital city of British Columbia. Situated on the Southern part of Vancouver Island, it is considered to be a real tourist friendly city with temperate climate, recreational sites and blessed with a unique natural landscape with stunning ocean views and amazing mountain vistas. The city is also known as the city of neighborhoods, with each with their own charm. Victoria is so popular that it has over 3 million visitors annually who came to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city and the worth see sites of it. Here is a list with the must see attractions in Victoria, sit back and enjoy the article.

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

 The Butterfly Gardens in Victoria


If you are looking for a really unique experience visit the Victoria Butterfly Gardens and enjoy the exotic free flying butterflies in this tropical paradise. Amazing orchid displays in lush gardens, exotic tropical plants, guided tours, great gift shop are waiting to be discovered in the amazing Butterfly Garden.

Great Canadian Casinos

For most of the tourists, Great Canadian Casinos are known to be the first choice for fun and entertainment in Victoria. It is a paradise for card lovers, those who would like to try their hand at table games like Roulette and Black Jack it is a must visit place. The casino also has a full service bar for culinary dining experiences.

Shaw Ocean Discovery Center

It is a Sidney’s award-winning aquarium showcasing the wonderful ecosystem of the Salish Sea. It is a real children friendly attraction on the Sidney’s waterfront, where visitors can shake hand with such an amazing species like wolf-eels, giant octopus or jelly fish.

Navel and Military Museum-CFB Esquimalt

Navel and Military Museum-CFB Esquimalt involves the maritime history of the navel base as Esquimalt. It is a great display, offering something for everyone.

Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites of Canada

The Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse

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The Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites of Canada is a must see attraction in the city, as the lighthouse turned to be Canada’s oldest West Coast lighthouse. Next to the lighthouse there is an interactive exhibition where you can see original guns and play interactive games framed by wonderful ocean views.

Parliamant Building of BC

Overlooking Victoria’s beautiful Inner Harbor, the building is open to the public all year around. The building of the Parliament turned to be an architectural splendor of British Columbia. Visitors are welcome to join to guide and self guided tours to explore the fascinating architectural site of the city.

Craigflower Farmhouse and School

Close to the Victoria’s Gorge Waterway, Craigflower Farmhouse and School is a surviving example of the pioneering era in British Columbia. This historic site features numerous entertainment and various activities for the whole familie, such as guided tours of the authentically furnished buildings and visitors can also try writing lessons with slates and slate pencils.


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