Neighborhoods of Toronto: visiting Europe – Greektown, Little Poland and Italy

Bakery and Shoes at Roncesvalles Village, ©Joey DeVilla/Flickr

Bakery and Shoes at Roncesvalles Village, ©Joey DeVilla/Flickr

As a major city of Canada, Toronto offers a wide variety of cultural experiences. All over the town you can find a many little pieces from all over the world. So if you want to experience different cultures you don’t need to travel far, just visit Toronto and walk through all its neighborhoods.

The article above will present you the European side of the city: the ancient atmosphere of Greektown in blue and white colors, the charming, busy and happy neighborhood of Little Poland and the traditional and romantic Little Italy. Visit Toronto and experience the whole world!


Danforth, in other name Greektown is a very important part of Toronto city. In 1907 when Greeks first set feet in the city there were only 20 of them and today they are the second largest Greek ethnic group outside of the country of Greece which tells a lot about the neighborhood’s welcoming atmosphere and character. The streets of this neighborhood are all blue and white and all signs are written in both Greek and English.

Greektown, Tarkowski

Greektown, ©Tarkowski/Flickr

There are several shops, patios and dining places where you can spend a relaxing afternoon after a stressful day. The place is always lively and buzzing with life and the streets are filled with the wonderful smell of rosemary and garlic. Visit during the annual festival called Taste of Danforth which brings you the best Greek dishes such as souvlaki. moussaka, grilled lamb and others. If you are looking for a fun time, visit Greektown!

Little Poland

The charming neighborhood of Little Poland, also called Roncesvalles Village, is located on Roncesvalles Avenue and as soon as you stroll down its streets it will capture your heart immediately. Explore the local bakeries and small boutiques in the neighborhood and try some of the East European delicacies: cabbage rolls, sausages and traditional soups.

Bakery and Shoes at Roncesvalles Village, ©Joey DeVilla/Flickr

Bakery and Shoes at Roncesvalles Village, ©Joey DeVilla/Flickr

Little Poland also has its own annual festival when the streets are filled with dancers, food tables, games and lots of people. Find among the many activities for adults and children the best that suits your mood and taste.

Little Italy

If you are looking for a romantic night out with someone or just want to eat some fine pizza, find Little Italy at College Street. The neighborhood is full of trendy restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and many more. In the weekends it is simply buzzing with activities. The outdoor patios are simply amazing with a lovely view.

Little Italy, ©rouilleralain/Flickr

Little Italy, ©rouilleralain/Flickr

Join in the social atmosphere and have some spectacular traditional Italian food. You can also find several social clubs with billiard halls filled with passionate soccer enthusiasts. We particularly recommend you to visit Café Diplomatico and enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee or try “The Dip” a café used by many filmmakers as a set.

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