The best places in Toronto to find unique gifts

Unique gifts in Toronto, ©Tsar Kasim/Flickr

Do you know that feeling when you want to take a special gift, but can’t find it? Don’t worry, this can’t happen in Toronto. There you will surely get what you are looking for. However, it is important to know that getting the perfect gift relies on a basic thing: you need to know, where to look for. I would like to help you in this project, so I compiled a list with the best-known shopping places. Toronto boasts with a bunch of shops and you can be sure that here you will find everything you need and the friendly and helpful personnel will impress you.

Good Catch

Good Catch is a convenience store where you can find health foods, accessories, body goods, music items and so much more!

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus is a combination of Toronto-based crafts, generally handmade, also a custom print shop with beautiful posters. Worth to get in!

Unique gifts for kids, ©The Greenery Nursery/Flickr

Studio Brilliantine

It is not a big space but there are plenty of gifts and uniqueness. In this curious haunt, there is a bunch of cute, in addition an amazing design collection – Issey Miyake, Alessi, Comme and Jump from Paper.

Magic Pony

The Magic Pony is famous for independent art. It is for those who are at home in the world of art. You can find thousands of books and magazines, amazing jewels by Verameat and unique art by dozens of great talents. If your soul is hungry for good books, please don’t miss this store!

At Magic Pony, ©Tsar Kasim/Flickr


This store is matchless in the city for the volume of original wonders you can find in its tiny space. Wherever you look, you can see something special and humorous. There are playful tech things, fantastic cufflinks, kitchen goods designed by Imm and Alessi and far more others.

Chief Salvage Co.

Is anybody on your list you want to surprise with a pocketknife? It could be. In Chief Salvage Co. you can find old astronomy books, antlers, skulls or gothic paintings as well as jewelry.

Unique gifts in Toronto, ©Tsar Kasim/Flickr

Distill Gallery

In this distillery gallery and shop you can find a range of mediums of art designs by Canadian talents. Their big selection includes items like toiletry baggage made from former bathing caps and repurposed beer glasses. If you really want to surprise yourself or your friends with some special and unique gifts that support local talent, have a look in this spot.


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