The Giant Pandas of Toronto Zoo

Bamboo Diet,  ©gill_penney/Flickr

Bamboo Diet, ©gill_penney/Flickr

There has been a partnership agreement between Canada and China which states that China will loan a couple of giant pandas for ten years to the country of Canada. The pandas will be bread at Toronto Zoo for about five years then later taken to Calgary Zoo. If the breeding is successful and there will be an offspring, they would get to remain in Toronto. Currently the zoo is renovating the space and making room for the pandas. The two pandas are called Da Mao and Er Shun. Da Mao is a male panda and he is brought from Chengdu. Er Shun comes from Chongquing Zoo.

About Giant Pandas

The giant panda species lives in the mountains of central China. They used to live on the lowland areas but as several developments such as farming and forest clearing took place the pandas were restricted to live in the mountains. Giant pandas are endangered species which mostly live on bamboo. They have a very low birth rate and there are only about 1600 left of which about 300 live in breeding centers and zoos around the world.

Giant Panda,  ©warriorwoman531/Flickr

Giant Panda, ©warriorwoman531/Flickr

Panda Conservation in Toronto

Today pandas mostly live in the mountains of Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi. However humans forced pandas to live there today they also make great efforts to protect them. Collaborating Memphis Zoo, Toronto Zoo supports habitat and bamboo restoration in China. The zoo employs physiologists who are trying to improve the reproduction of species which are endangered such as the giant panda.

Toronto Zoo,  ©Aasen Ryan Family/Flickr

Toronto Zoo, ©Aasen Ryan Family/Flickr

Adorable bears

Since the main source of food of the giant panda is bamboo, this kind creature lives in mountain forests where bamboo growth is dense. They are quite large in size, as much as any other bear. They have large grinder teeth and a jaw with strong muscles which enables them to crush tough bamboo. Pandas are incredibly cute and adorable however they can be as dangerous as any other wild animal. It is best to look at them from a moderate distance.

The Bamboo Diet

The giant panda is classified as a carnivore species but it mostly lives on bamboo. Sometimes giant pandas eat other grasses as well and now and then they even eat small rodents. The ones kept in a zoo eat bamboo, special high-fibre biscuits, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, apples, rice gruel and carrots.

Bamboo Diet,  ©gill_penney/Flickr

Bamboo Diet, ©gill_penney/Flickr

As a carnivore animal the panda need to ingest a pretty large amount of food each day in order to get all the nutrients it needs. Pandas eat daily 14-20 kg of bamboo which they consume in about 10-16 hours and as any other person would do after a long day, they go to sleep trough the rest of the day.

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