The most precious cities in Alberta

Rocky Mountain at Calgary, ©Cam Switzer/Flickr

Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces of Canada. It is located in western Canada, bounded by the provinces of British Columbia (West), the Northwest Territories (North), Saskatchewan (East) and the US state of Montana (South). Alberta is one of three Canadian provinces to border only a single U.S. state and is also one of two provinces that are landlocked.  It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it is varied in experiences and landscape. Alberta is a perfect vacation destination that you won’t soon forget. It is filled with urban charm, unique activities and cultural jewels. Let`s see what kind of cities are there:


The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton knows how to have fun! Canada’s “FestivalCity” is always celebrating something, ranging from film to music, theatre to food, accordions, cultural heritage and dragon boats. In the summer you can check out an outdoor festival, bike or blade along 150 km of trails. Don’t forget to try one of the valley’s golf courses. When the snow starting to fall, embrace the passion for winter of Edmonton for and go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Indisputable this is the most precious city in Alberta.

Fort McMurray

There you will be seduced by the unrivalled beauty of natural values. Fort McMurray, the city which offers boundless outdoor thrills, brings you to one of the most beautiful places to experience the amazing northern lights.


Northern lihght in Canada, ©Satoru Kikuchi/Flickr

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat, with the unusual landscape of rifts and cliffs and with a wanton river valley has always been perfect a gathering place. Here you can discover the valley and its winding waterways that attracted the native peoples since ancient times. If you would like to visit this wonderful city, don’t forget your sunglasses because this is the sunniest city in Canada!


Lethbride is a vibrant city steeped in culture, history and green spaces. Along the Oldman Riverthat meanders through Lethbridge are immense banks and urban parks. Walking along the river is the tallest and longest railway bridge in the world. There you can find many entertainment options: clubs, locals, golf courses and the very popular corn maze.

Lethbridge, ©Kim Siever/Flickr

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie is the biggest city between Edmonton and Fairbanks. It becomes the economic heart of this region. If you are leaving Alberta heading north, this is the last best place to visit.


Between prairies and peaks, Calgary shows us a beautiful urban landscape surrounded by unique natural attractions. It’s that place where you can feel the flavor of world class cuisine, see the Rocky Mountain wilderness and experience the rousing nightlife.

Rocky Mountain at Calgary, ©Cam Switzer/Flickr

Red Deer

The Aboriginals have always known the low crossing in the Red Deer River was the thoroughfare between Alberta’s south and north. There was built a trading post and a constant settlement.. Red Deer got its name from the river and it is the third largest city in Alberta.  The city is stunning with culture, wonderful nature and entertaining outdoor adventure. Being here, you can not forget to check out Red Deer’s vibrant and unique theatres, galleries and live music. You can savor the local delicacies of elk or bison, too.

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