Things you didn’t know about Canada

Female hockey players

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When we hear the name of Canada, the first things to come to our minds are probably its maple-leaf flag and the Niagara Falls. Bordered by two oceans and a see and being the second largest country in territory, Canada has got an extremely diverse landscape.

I would like to share a cute video about Canada with you as well as a few fun things you didn’t know about Canada. If you love this amazing country of straightaway people and beautiful land as much as I do, you will surely like both.

Fun facts about Canada

The name of the country comes from the Iroquois word ‘canada’ which means settlement or village. There are more than 30 national parks in the country as well as more than 100 national monument parks, 12 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Buffalo in the forest

Buffalo in the forest ©sahlgoode/Flickr

Canada’s heart is the prairie, stretching from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes. Most of the territory is made up of national parks, the largest being the Wood Buffalo National Park which gives home to the largest number of American buffaloes in the country.

The reservations offer an amazing insight into the life of the native tribes and the landscape provides wonderful hiking places. There are also a lot of beautiful lakes all around the country. in fact, 50% of all lakes in the world are in Canada!

Did you know?

Many famous Hollywood actors and singers are in fact Canadian, such as Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey, Pamela Anderson and many others. The most popular sport in the country is ice hockey and they are also pretty good at it, as the Canadian National Hockey Team was 23 times the world champion of the sport, last time in 2007.

Female hockey players

Hockey players ©

Maple syrup is real national treasure in Canada. There are different tours that lead visitors through the process of the making of this honey-like gastronomical specialty.

Canada is a wonderful destination with amazing people, it is a great destination for those who love nature at its grandest (Niagara Falls, national parks, the Great Lakes and so many others) as well as for those who like nice cities where people are not so stressed and running all the time.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls ©

Hope this post offered some new things you didn’t know about Canada, and a little appetite for a Canada vacation, everything is worth visiting here, from the large cities like Toronto to the red beached of the Prince Edward Island or the wilderness of Jasper National Park.


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