Top 10 Most Significant Festivals in Canada

Vancouver Symphony of Fire


Are you thinking to travel to Canada? Why not visit the country around the festival times? Most of the cities have various festivals for entertaining the locals and the visitors as well. If you are curious which are the most popular festivals in Canada, check out our list with the top 10 most significant festivals in Canada and have fun.

Toronto International Film Festival

It is a widely known film festival, held each September. Considered to be one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, it attracts millions of film makers and film lovers.

Canada Day Celebrations, July 1st

Canada celebrates its 145 th birthday on the July 1st with parades, fireworks and citizenship ceremonies in every part of the country. On this day, the Canadians donning their red and white attire and celebrate nationwide Canada’s birth as a country.

Vancouver Symphony of Fire, Vancouver

It is considered to be the largest fireworks competition in the world, held every year in summer in Vancouver. It is an annual multi-day fireworks exhibition. The exhibition is presented by the English Bay, at the Ontario Lake.

The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede  Festival

©Calgary Stampede/flickr

Being an annual rodeo festival it gather people from different part of the world to experience together the unique western heritage and values. It is a ten-day festival, held annually in July in Calgary. It is considered to be one of the largest rodeo festivals with concerts, stage shows and parades.

Montreal Jazz Festival

In the end of June and the beginning of July, Montreal hosts the International Jazz Festival, hosting about two thousands of musicians from over 20 countries and about 500 concerts from which there are some for free of charge.

Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival

The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival is held in Montreal annually to invite people to have fun together. The festival invites some of the world’s greatest comedians together and it is also broad casted internationally.

Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival


It is the biggest winter carnival celebrated every year at the end of January until mid-February. A fascinating amusement park with skiing, ice sculptures, snow rafting and other outdoor shows are the min features of the carnival. One of the most popular attraction of the winter festival are the day and night Carnival’s parades.

Celtic Colours International Festival

It is a unique celebration of the Celtic music and culture for 9 days in October, on the amazing Crape Breton Island. The festival welcomes hundreds of musicians from all over the Celtic world featuring plenty of concerts.

Winterlude-Canada’s Winter Festival, Ottawa

Every February Ottawa hosts Winterlude, Canada’s greatest winter festival. Winterlude is a great way to take the best out of your holiday as excitement and a variety of activities are waiting for you in a spectacular setting covered everywhere with snow. Ice carvings, ice sculptures and skating rink are waiting for you in the heart of Ottawa.

Edmonton Folk Festival

It is an annual four-day festival, held in Gallagher Park in Edmonton in every August. The festival features an array of folk music. The festival showcases performers in different genres like folk, celtic, bluegrass, blues, gospel etc.

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