Top 3 largest lakes in Canada

a view of Lake Huron


Being surrounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Ocean, Canada is a country with an abundant natural wealth. If you visit Canada you will realize that it has a huge number of lakes, providing its source of natural beauty, recreational and sightseeing opportunities and also industrial growth and transportation. Canada’s lakes are the perfect spots to spend your holiday in a recreational setting which pursue all of your interests. So there are plenty of worth to see lakes, here you will find the Top 3 Largest Lakes in Canada. Take a look at them and plan your  vacation in such an enchanted setting.

Lake Superior, Ontario

Lake Superior, Ontario     Adam Kahtava/flickr

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Lake Superior is known as the largest surface and freshwater lake in the world. It belongs to the Great Lakes and it is mentioned as the deepest, coldest and highest regarding to its elevation among the Great Lakes. It is bounded by Ontario and Minessota and on the South by Wisconsin and Michigan. Visitors can take part into the Great Lakes Circle Tour which means circumnavigating the Great Lakes individually or in a group. The Lake Superior Circle Tour follows the highways of the Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario provinces providing memorable adventures. Weather it is summer or winter, spring or autumn there are always an abundance of activities to do and see around the Lake Superior. Hiking, camping, canoeing, waterfall exploration and scenic byways are just some of the things that you can choose from, for a great holiday.

Lake Huron

Bruce Peninsula, Canada


After Lake Superior, Lake Huron it is the second largest from the Great Lakes. The two basic water sources of the Huron Lake are the St. Mary’s River from Lake Superior and the Michigan Lake. Its main attraction is the world’s largest island in a freshwater lake named as Manitoulin Island. Its shores on the West are characterized by sandy beaches while its Bruce Peninsula is famous for its limestone cliffs. Georgian Bay is the most representative bay on the Lake Huron. It was the first lake from the Great Lakes discovered by the European explorers. The Lake Huron also hosts one of the Canada’s most popular attraction, the Pinery Provincial Park. Miles of calm waters and natural shorelines are all offered by the Bruce Peninsula. So once you have a chance experience the unique shores of the Lake Huron and you won’t regret it.

Great Bear Lake

Great Bear Lake


It is the third largest lake in Canada; strengthen on the Northwest Territories and lying astride on the Arctic Circle. The lake is ice bound for eight months of the year. If you like fishing it is the best place for you. It gained its reputation by fishermen as a paradise of fishing. Also the best season for fishing is from July to August. However there are a mass of things to do if you are looking for more exciting activity than fishing. Depending on which part of the year are you visiting the lake, there are some other activities offered by the area are: water sports: waterskiing, boating, sailing, swimming; hiking, mountain biking, camping, skiing etc. Visitors can also choose from different types of guided tours. As you see everything is given for an amazing as well as active holiday by the Great Bear Lake.

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