Top 3 Remote Fishing Villages in Canada


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If Canada comes up in a discussion, most of us think about the world famous Niagara Falls and the vibrant cities like Toronto or Montreal. But what about those spots those aren’t on the radar for tourists? They are those destinations that are passed over because of the better known over priced and sometimes over rated cities. In order to widen your knowledge about undiscovered spots in Canada, here are the Top 3 remote fishing villages in Canada. Although these villages belong to the less known category, they are also rewarded by tourists because of the communities friendly atmosphere and interesting cultural heritages preserved by the locals.

Chéticamp, Nova Scotia



Situated between the Saint Lawrence Gulf and the Cabot Trail hills, it is an idyllic fishing village in the territory of Nova Scotia. This little village is center of the Acadian culture. By exploring the area visitors can get a glimpse of Acadians way of life: they get a chance to try the Acadian dishes served in local restaurants and to hear their way of speaking and to celebrate on their festivals. Most of them speak both English and French fluently. If you think  that you might get be bored in the area, you are wrong, because there are loads of things to do and see; just to prove this, here are a few of them: whale cruises, beaches and camping, horse riding, golfing and lots of cultural and heritage activities: visiting Charlies Down Home Music Store, Co-operative Acadian Museum, Gallerie Elizabeth LeFort-Hooked Rugs, La Pirogue Museum and others.

Telegraph Cove, BC

Telegraph Cove


Tucked away on the eastern part of Vancouver Island, this little village has a long history since it was the residence of the telegraph operator. This village is not only culturally and historically significant travel spot for visitors, but it is also attractive because it plays host for the most renowned whale watching company in Canada. An endless number of marine and forest animals are the inhabitants of the surrounding area, dolphins, whales, otters, bald eagles; porpoises are the most representative ones from the list. The Telegraph Cover resort provides world-class facilities, regarding to the accommodations and restaurants. Try the local fish specialties and get a closer view of the charm of the surrounding area. Here are some of the activities available in the area, in order to get a taste of what you might like to see and do: fishing and wildlife tours, whale watching, bear watching, kayak tours, bay trips etc. The area also welcomes those visitors who are looking for the perfect spot for celebrating special events such as anniversaries, weddings or conferences.

Hartley Bay, BC

Hartley Bay


Situated at the Douglas Channel, it is an isolated fishing village. The nearest neighboring town is Prince Rupert in the Northern part of British Columbia, lying 145 km far from Hartley Bay. The only way to access the village is by air or water. It is the home of the Gitga’at community. If you would like to have a deeper knowledge about this group that inhabited the area, visit the territory and known their culture. They belong to a matrilineal society and live in Waaps (house group). Although English is widely spoken among the Gitga’at communities they remain fluent in their own language in Sm’algyax. The territory is home to the most unique wildlife, including grey whales, killer whales, grizzly bears, wolves. So wildlife tours and cultural tours are also on the list of the activities.

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