Top Attractions Around the Niagara Falls

 Niagara Falls


Situated less than a half an hour from Buffalo International Airport, Niagara Falls  is a desired vacation destination in Canada, not just for couples but for families as well. There are plenty of things to do and see around the area, that’s why is impossible to compile all of the activities that are available around the Falls. However here are some of the many Niagara Falls attractions, in order to be aware of them and experience this great wonder of the world.

The Niagara Botanical Garden

Niagara Botanical Gardens


It is a paradise for plants lovers. Visitors are allowed to wander around the amazing flowers and wonderful old trees. Many of them are species that are just grown in the garden, and can not be seen anywhere else, unless you come from a warm climate. It is a great opportunity to be amazed with many species of flowers and plants that in general, would never have been able to find in your home. So set off to enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants for totally free, no admission fee.

The Fallsview Indoor Water Park

North America's largest indoor water park, (Fallsview)


Located in the Falls Avenue Entertainment Resort, The Fallsview Water Park is a perfect destination for outstanding family holidays. It has a great variety of amusements, offering something for all ages. By hosting huge thrilling slides, big wave pools, outdoor and other activity pools, tiny tots splash park and the popular “Beach House” Aqua, it satisfies visitors’ interest for having ideal vacations and fun getaways.

The Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower


The Skylon Tower would be the highlight of any Niagara Falls vacation. Located in the heart of Niagara Falls, it is the best known landmark of the Niagara Falls. Located just a few steps from the falls, the tower offers the best in Niagara Falls: glamorous restaurants, various entertainments and great discount shopping. If you go up to the observation deck you can enjoy the panoramic views of Niagara Falls and the city. There are Family Fun center at the tower and visitors can also watch the “Legends of Niagara Falls “movie in 3D/4D.

Boat tours

Millions of tourists are enjoying the boat tours every year since 1846. An exciting boat tours, called Maid of the Mist take visitors from the Canadian docks into the amazing Canadian Horseshoe Falls. There are two 600- passenger boats departing every 15 minutes. Every passenger will get a recyclable souvenir raincoat to keep visitors dry from the spray and mist.

 As we already mentioned, The Niagara area is a perfect spot for family vacations. There are numerous entertainments shows for kids such as: The Greg Frewin Theater Magic Show and other theme parks, kid friendly restaurants and others. Plenty of entertainments are waiting for the grown ups as well, among the attractions mentioned above, there are other leisure activities like: helicopter rides, indoor skydiving, different shows, scenic rides, golf courses, modern casinos, upscale hotels and restaurants, vibrant nightlife and concerts and many others.

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