Top Tourist Attractions in Montreal

Montreal Biosphère


Some says that Montreal is the most sophisticated city in Canada. It is a very pleasant city that goes for two languages: English and French and also a city which offers a variety of sport activities for every season. Biking, skating, skiing, hiking and playing hockey are the most popular activities in the area of Montreal, as the city has cold, snowy winters and hot sunny summers. Being a thriving epicenter of arts, culture and entertainment, here everyone will find their way of interests.  In the following let’s see the top tourist attractions in Montreal:

Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre-Dame Basilica, Montréal

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The Basilica is a place like no other in Montreal, it presents a wealth of fascinating details, it is considered to be the crown jewel in Quebec’s religious heritage, a world of beauty, peace and delight. The basilica’s Gothic Revival architecture is known as the masterpiece of this architectural style. . Its gorgeous interior, decorated with blue and golden is filled with numerous religious statues, wooden carvings and paintings with biblical scenes captivate thousands of visitors annually. In the evenings a sound and light show are presented in a wonderful way.

Old Port of Montreal

Old Port of Montreal


Stretching more than 2 km along the St-Lawrence River in Old Montreal, the port has been known as the cultural, social and economic center of the city. In the year of 1990s it took place the redevelopment of the Old Port. Today it has became one of the most popular sights of the city, welcoming millions of visitors per year. A wide variety of activities are waiting for the visitors at Old Port, such as The Montreal Science Center, Montreal Clock Tower and the IMAX Theater.

Montreal Biosphère

Being an architectural masterpiece, it is a unique structure in Montreal, dedicated to raising environment awareness and water ecosystem. It is the only museum dedicated to water. There are various exhibitions held in the Biosphere.

Montreal Biodôme



It is a science center and ecological zoo, where you can experience the wonderful sights and sounds of nature. The center hosts The Environment Place Amphitheater with performances and lectures about environmental protection and other interactive activities for children as well. Being a great combination of an aquarium, zoo, botanical garden and zoo, it recreates the 4 ecosystems: The Tropical Forest, The Laurentian Forest, The St. Lawrence Marine Ecosytem and the Polar Area.

L’oratoire St Joseph du Mont Royal

L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

©L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal Melanie Lukesh/flickr

L’oratoire St Joseph du Mont Royal -St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal is recognized as a  Roman Catholic Bazilica and a National Shrine in Montreal. Many of the tourists visit the church annually and some of the most religious ones climb the steps of the Oratory, hoping that God answers their prayers. Its gorgeous copper dome can be seen for several kilometers around. The basilica is home for the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrement, Brother Andre’s tomb, and two of the museums which was built in the honor of him.


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