Varied Easter traditions in Canada

Easter Eggs


Being one of the holiest and oldest Christian holidays, Easter is a significant event in Canada as well. There are some popular customs at Easter in Canada, like in any other western countries, like organizing Easter egg hunts, family gathering and decorating Easter eggs. If you would like to know a bit more about the varied Easter traditions in Canada, read on further and think about planning a vacation to the country during Easter holidays.

Easter activities

Like in many other countries, there is a tradition of Easter egg paintings in Canada as well. It is an activity meant for children at home or at school. There are traditional Easter egg hunts activities held by community organizations, where locals get together to have fun!

Winter Carnival

The major parts of the celebrations of Easter are the Winter Carnival held in Quebec City. It is the most significant pre-Lent Carnival, where varied winter themed sport events take place like skiing, skating and tobogganing.

How is Easter celebrated?

For Christian people Easter Sunday is the day for attending church. After the church most of the families take advantages of the bank holiday and they are getting together for big family meals and picnic or short holidays. Some cities hold Easter Parade, like the popular Toronto Beaches Lions Annual Easter Parade.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are known as public holidays which mean that almost everything is closed on these days. There is a big celebration on Montreal, the so called Bal en Blanc rave party, however most of the cities organize diverse Easter plays in theaters or in community halls.

Easter Symbols

Easter customs in the country are associated with the most significant Easter symbols like the Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Easter Lillies and Pussy Willows. All of these symbols can be find in the streets and in the shops suggesting that locals are preparing for Easter.

Easter specialties

Salade Niçoise

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There is no Easter in Canada without the mouthwatering traditional meals that characterize the Canadian Easter. As we know meat are forbidden during Lent period, so it is Easter Saturday when Lent is over and delicious meals are made from meat. So Easter come up with great recipes like Maple Baked Beans, Cape Breton Sconces, Potatoes Nicoise, Apple Tart and mustard crusted lamb. So the varietie of meals are uncountable,you just have to try them.

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