Visitor Guide to the Yukon Territory

Bove Island in Tagish Lake, Yukon Territory

©Alan Vernon/flickr

Yukon belongs to one of Canada’s three territories located in the North. Its neighbors are Alaska, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. The capital of Yukon is Whitehorse. The population of Yukon Territory is just about 35, 00 people. Yukon’s landscape is amazingly beautiful combining breathtaking wilderness, gorgeous mountain ranges full of wildlife and exciting wild rivers, all of these natural aspects provide unforgettable outdoor adventures. If you are the one, who would like to experience all of the above mentioned, have a look at our: Visitor guide to the Yukon Territory and start planning your vacation in Yukon.

Get in

The easiest way to get to Yukon is by air, there is an airport situated in Whitehorse which offers daily flights from Vancouver to Whitehorse. There are also flight from Calgary, Edmonton and in the summer from Fairbanks as well. However the most common way to get in Yukon is by road, but you should know in advance that the distances within the territory is enormous, there can be more than 200 km between the towns. There are some visitors who arrive in Yukon through the Alaska Marine Highway, as most of the visitors came from Alaska or most of the travelers are going to Alaska hitting the Yukon Territory as well.

Things to do in Yukon

No matter if it summer or winter time, Yukon’s wilderness offers a variety of great outdoor activities for those who are looking for memorable adventures. Breathtaking wilderness, great mountain ranges, amazing wildlife and a number of wild rivers are waiting for those visitors who are looking for an adrenaline rush vacation in the Yukon Territory.

Let’s see some of the outdoor activities offered by the Yukon Territory

Canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, fishing:

Yukon River

©Yukon White Light/flickr

Being a paddlers’ paradise the wild Yukon Rivers are one of the best destinations for water sports. Calving glaciers, wilderness parks, abundant wildlife, glacial lakes and dramatic scenery provides popular rafting trips for adrenaline lovers. Kayak and canoe lovers are also spoilt for choices of dozens of must run river routes,

Hiking, cycling, horseback riding and wildlife viewing

All of the activities mentioned above are popular outdoor activities in Yukon’s dramatic landscape. The national parks in the Yukon Territory are all popular destinations for tourists who would like to experience the stunning landscape in the northern wilderness.

Dog-sledding, snowmobile and cross-country skiing

If you plan to visit Yukon during the winter time, you do not have to worry that you get bored during your stay, as Yukon offers a variety of winter adventures with one of the best cross-country ski trails and other popular winter sport activities.

Northern Lights-Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights/ Aurora Borealis


Many of the visitors come to the Yukon Territory  to enjoy the natural phenomenon of the enchanting aurora borealis, the amazing sights of the northern lights. This mystical sight of the aurora borealis illuminates the Yukon Territory from August to April offering the wonderful pulsating streamers of the magnificent colors of yellow, green, blue etc.

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